Stress Relief & Swedish Massage

Reduce stress and muscle tension with a therapeutic massage. Patty understands that relaxation starts with your comfort. She helps each client identify sources of physical stress, and develops a personalized approach to relieve tension and ease minor pain. A Swedish massage session allows you to pause, quiet your mind, let go of anxieties, and take care of YOU. Patty combines Swedish massage (long strokes and kneading) with movement, and myofascial massage to help unwind mind and body. You’ll be relaxed and reenergized.


“I have been going to Patty for massage for over 15 years. She is knowledgeable, thorough, attentive, and great at solving aches and pains while integrating the body back to itself. Comfort is key to her work and from the table, to the temperature and her touch, I relax as I only can there. When I leave, I feel healed and happy.” – Lucy Jaffe