“Patty is an incredible massage therapist. She has the education and the years of experience to deliver a massage session tailored to the individual. I came to Patty several years ago barely able to walk due to low-back muscle spasms and years of chronic back pain. I had slowly withdrawn from the daily activities that make life worth living. I didn’t want to do anything to “throw my back out” and so started living a sedentary life style. Patty figured out the problem, the pain was relieved and I was able to return to a regular exercise program and start living again. I have lost 30 pounds and again enjoy pain-free working outs, hiking and golf as well as being able to handle the usual daily challenges. Patty is a tried and true resource for addressing minor to major musculoskeletal issues.”

- Dan Warren


“Patty’s warm and caring personality made me comfortable from the moment we met.  Her concern with my pain issues, coupled with her experienced questions set the tone for relief and recovery. She is by far the most experienced and knowledgeable therapeutic masseuse I have ever met.

Her knowledge of all the various muscles and their interactions with the rest the body is amazing. I always look forward to my sessions with Patty because I know she will bring me comfort and a sense of relief with any pain issues I may have.”

- Phyllis McCombs


“Patty Covington has always helped me with pain, mostly with my back, but on some occasions shoulders and legs. Her analysis of the problem has been good and the exercises suggested have usually proven beneficial. I recommend her to any suffering chronic pain or just wanting a pleasant massage.”

- Adrian Bewley


“For more than 3 yrs, it is quite evident Patty is very much in tune with providing the most relaxing and soothing sessions one can expect. Patty always makes an effort to ask, “What is your body telling you?” Patty then listens and responds explaining why my body may be doing that and what she can do to help it. And she does! Patty always has been very knowledgeable and informative with her responses. Most of all, Patty continues to do her best during each session. Can’t imagine going to anyone else.”

- Ed Ramon, E7, US Navy Ret.


“My weekly appointment with Patty provides me with relief so that I may continue to work and enjoy life. While always sensitive to my primary musculoskeletal problems, she is also thorough and adept, changing methods and techniques to optimize my visit as the need arises. Patty has also referred me to other practitioners for special problems and through them I have found new methods for pain relief and relaxation. I can highly recommend a visit.”

- ML


“Patty exhibits honed physical assessment skills, which I consider one of her greatest assets to the massage therapy profession. Her ability to always locate critical pain and discomfort areas and ease or relieve pain is a gift. Each therapy session is unique due to her striving to be articulate in treating the current problem(s). Teaching is also Patty’s strong point; she gives attention to detail in demonstrating specific exercises to improve health. I look forward to my therapy sessions and consider Patty a fine professional and friend.”

- Joan Stelling, MSN, RN


“I have been going to Patty for massage for over 15 years. She is knowledgeable, thorough, attentive, and great at solving aches and pains while integrating the body back to itself. Comfort is key to her work and from the table, to the temperature and her touch, I relax as I only can there. When I leave, I feel healed and happy.”

- Lucy Jaffee


Patty Covington has provided massage therapy for me for the last 10 years (at least), and she is, simply, the best. In addition to being an exquisitely competent practitioner and a knowledgeable therapist who takes time with her patients, she is also sensitive and caring. She knows how to engage with clients to enhance the efficacy of her sessions, and also has an amazing instinct about her therapies that, coupled with her broad knowledge of the musculoskeletal, lymphatic, and vascular systems, allows her to focus in on an area and reduce pain and stress when and where it is needed. Her massage touch and therapeutic dialog with the patient is so well honed that she is able to deduce the proper pressure (neither too heavy nor too light) to bring about a successful session every time I visit. In addition, she provides a safe, warm, and relaxing environment for the massage combined with the proper equipment:  a state-of-the-art massage table or chair, as best fits the session and patient’s needs. Patty is technically knowledgeable and can talk the talk, but she is also able to put concepts in layman’s terms that serve to enlighten the client and open up communication, which only further aids in efficacy. Finally, Patty is faithful about follow-up calls and conversation, so you always feel you are being looked after even when not on the massage table or in the massage chair. Her rates are very reasonable, and she schedules carefully enough to allow a session to be extended if more work is needed—something you won’t find with most other massage therapists. I am a computer tech who spends a lot of hours frozen before a computer screen in an office chair, and that would not be possible without Patty to help with my positional stress through her wonderful therapeutic massage. I have referred everyone I know to her, confident that they will find relief and relaxation at her very proficient hands.”

- Terry J. Stone


“I have been a massage therapy client of Patty Covington’s for a long time. I am an active woman who is almost 50. I work a very stressful job. I travel a lot and exercise five days a week. I could not do the things I do or live the quality of life that I do if it wasn’t for Patty. My medical doctor tells me the time and money I spend on massage therapy is money I will not have to spend on doctor visits and medication. Patty has been able to make my shoulder “feel alive”. Since I have been seeing her, my range of motion has increased and I am able to do more in the gym because of the work that she has done with me. My twice monthly visits to Patty are something that I always look forward to. I feel so good when I leave from my visit with Patty, I feel the results of her work for days.

Patty’s method of massage therapy is that she always begins each visit by asking me how my body feels. Depending on my routine or any new aches or pains I may have, she pays attention to what I tell her and she works on where I need the attention. Many times when I visit, I have no particular needs and I still feel better when I leave.

I have been a massage therapy client for close to 15 years now and I must say that Patty is the best there is. She puts me completely at ease and she has a great spirit. After a session with Patty and a few peaceful moments with Sweet Pea, the stresses of the day melt away. I will continue to recommend Patty to others who are seeking massage therapy.”

- Susan Delenne